Travel as an Investment: My International Eyes

It’s official: my next overseas holiday is booked and already creeping up!  (details to be disclosed in a later post!)

Anyway, now word is creeping out some of my extended friendship and family groups are going to be throwing a host of predictable responses at me that go along the lines of “Another holiday? You just got back from Vietnam!” or “Why don’t you save that money and put it towards something like a house?” and even, “Don’t you think you’ve had your time travelling?”

These kind of responses baffle me every time. I mean, honestly, what is so wrong with using my annual leave and hard earned money to travel? Yes, I admit I could have invested in a house by now with my savings but I don’t want to. I love going overseas, I love travelling and I am fortunate enough to not have invested in a house freeing me up to travel as much as I can. And, trust me you don’t just have your time travelling – once you have caught the travel bug it’s an absolute addiction that stays with you and clouds your mind with exotic ideas.

You see, travel for me is an investment – a major investment in my own happiness and I think that it should be valued just as highly as as material possessions such as a house or a car. Here are the reasons why travel for me is the most worthwhile investment I have ever made.

Travel has given me memories worth their weight in gold 

me in austria

I have hundreds of thousands of amazing memories courtesy of travel. These memories are where I go on a rainy day or lull at work when I am in need of a little boost. All it takes is a single recollection of myself in some exotic and foreign place and I am energized and refocused.

Travel has helped me face fear 

The truth is, I am a passionate traveller who is terrified of flying. I hate airplanes. In fact, I make myself sick a week in advance of flying. Travelling forces me to stare my fear in the face and overcome it on a regular basis. Not only that, I have a fear of the unknown and that definitely clashes with my love of travelling. I still feel the fear but throw myself into it and the result is exhilarating.

Travel has opened my eyes to a life I never knew

me and llama

I have now visited over 30 countries, and have taken home something valuable from each. Travel has taught me the importance of embracing and respecting difference. It helped me realise that not only am I a citizen of Australia, but a citizen of the world which requires passion and understanding.

Travel has put a spring in my step


Travel excites me. It raises my heart rate and makes me exhilarated to be alive. It had made me realise that there is more to life than just coasting through: travel gives me something to look forward to.

Travel has given me international eyes

OK, I came up with the term international eyes a while ago. It’s a hard one to explain but basically it means that I can now see so much more than what is right in front of me. I can see possibility and opportunity spread out before me like an ocean. It has made me realise that a career should not necessarily be the entire focus of one’s life.

To sum up, no one is going to convince me to settle down, buy a house and spend my money ‘wisely’. I am spending my money wisely. I am investing in my own well-being and education by travelling. I understand that everyone is different and we all should embrace that difference, but for me travel outweighs the need for a house. That might change one day but for now I’ll keep my international eyes and continue globe trotting.


4 thoughts on “Travel as an Investment: My International Eyes

  1. This post hit home, I’m still young (18) yet already my family and friends are telling me to “spend my money wisely”. They want me to also save for a house but IM 18! I can save later, right now my only priorities is to continue exploring this world and it frustrates me so much when people just don’t understand and think “I should slow down”. But the way you talked about investing in yourself, thats going to be my new response to people who tell me to “start saving for a house” or “slow down”. Thanks for the read I really loved it.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Your life is your own and you can do whatever you like with it as long as you’re safe and happy! A house is a fantastic investment for some people, as travel is not for everyone, but travel is also an investment in life and yourself – good luck 🙂

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