8 Romantic Cities for Your European Escape

Europe is home to some of the world’s most romantic travel destinations, simply waiting to be explored by you and your special someone. Though I don’t claim to be an over-the-top romantic, I do appreciate a beautiful city perfect for those in lurve. Here are 8 European cities offering the ultimate romantic setting for your adventure together. Trust me, even the most cynical non-romantic will find something to appreciate here!

1. Paris, France


Perhaps it is the ultimate cliche, but Paris simply had to make the list. Stroll hand in hand down the Champs-Elysees eating macaroons, leave your own mark at the famous lovers lockbridge overlooking the Notre Dame Cathedral or watch the Eiffel Tower light up as you wander idly along the River Seine on a dark night. Everywhere you turn are cosy, candle-lit restaurants with tables for two, just waiting for you.

2. Tallinn, Estonia 


If want your moment as a damsel in distress in a medieval world, a visit to Tallinn may be as close as you will get. Estonia’s charming capital looks as though it has been poached from the pages of a medieval fairytale and has enough secret cobbled alleyways, cosy low-lit pubs and old-world architecture to make you feel as though you have been taken back to a time where men would whisk in on their faithful steed and steel you away into a world of happiness.

3. Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Forget the red light district, Amsterdam offers so much more for couples that a booming sex trade. The reflective canals, 17th century architecture and low-lit street lamps make it the perfect place for an evening stroll hand in hand. By day, hire a bike and explore the leafy parks and bustling markets of the outer -city or simply sit outside people watching in one of the main city squares. This artistic, free-thinking city also offers a traditional base, perfect for the old-fashioned romantic.

4. Bath, England

Bath England

Far removed from the hustle and bustle of London, lies the peaceful city of Bath. This city is crammed with idyllic rivulets, classic Georgian architecture and rooftop spas, making it a romantic oasis in the United Kingdom. Simply spend the day wandering around the city, absorbing its quintessential English charm before whiling away the hours at Thermae Bath Spa (I’ve been twice now, once on my own and another time with Moe – it’s definitely less lonely with a companion!)

5. Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber, Germany 

Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber Photo

Nestled in the heart of Bavaria, you will find a medieval old town simply oozing romantic finesse. It is a town so majestic it may just convert the non-romantic. Known as Germany’s fairytale dream town, you will feel as though you’ve stepped into a fantasy-land only heard of in ancient tales. Take a walk around the town’s fortress or explore the charming gardens beyond the wall. You’ll never want to leave, trust me.

6. Bruges, Belgium


Despite its reputation as being a popular tourist hub, Bruges is well worth a visit providing an idyllic setting for a couples getaway. Get lost in the city’s winding streets, enjoy a picnic lunch in one of the large gardens or for the ultimate aphrodeziac experience visit one of the many boutique chocolatiers around the city for traditional Belgian waffles. In the afternoon enjoy a canal ride past the beautiful old-world buildings and bask in each other’s company.

7. Riga, Latvia 

Riga Blog Photo

Foreign to many, Latvia’s charismatic capital is overflowing with romantic appeal. The sheer beauty of the old town is enough to draw you both in for a weekend or a week. By day wander around the streets exploring nothing in particular, and by night find yourself a romantic medieval restaurant to share a bottle of wine or two and sample unique Latvian cuisine that will leaving you longing for more.

8. Sienna, Italy 

Sienna Italy Photo

It’s not a surprise that Italy has made the list with its reputation as the continent’s capital of romance. And, Sienna is perhaps one of the country’s most laidback romantic destinations. Share a bowl of pasta lady-and-the-tramp style from one of the many restaurants in Piazza del Campo before lying down beside the locals and absorbing the afternoon’s sun. Watch the sun set over the city’s beautiful old-stone buildings and scenic gardens.

That’s it from me now! What are your favourite romantic cities?


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