Luxury Review: Weekend Delights at Pumphouse Point, Lake St Clair


Photo Credit: Justin Springer

Nestled in the pure heart of Tasmania’s untamed wilderness, luxury seekers will discover the startling beauty of award-winning Pumphouse Point. The boutique accommodation, once an operating pumphouse for the Hydro, is perched at the edge of an impressive jetty on Lake St Clair and offers absolutely everything in the way of a rejuvenating (and somewhat indulgent) retreat. As you navigate down the scenic gravel road on the way to your final destination, the sight of the Pumphouse in its grand position on the lake will momentarily steal your breath away and certainly capture your heart.


Photo Credit: Justin Springer

On arrival, you will enter the cosy reception area decked out with a fire and plush couches. A glass of Tasmanian Ninth Island bubbly will soon be in your hand while you get to know your fellow travel companions and the welcoming staff. Soon after you have comfortably finished the final sip of your champagne, your suitcases will be loaded in the back of a buggy and you will commence the swift but stunning journey down the jetty to the grand entrance of the Pumphouse or just moments away to the Shorehouse, the alternative onsite accommodation that proves just as impressive. The exterior of each accommodation may still have it’s rustic and somewhat industrial charm but don’t be disappointed, just wait for what is in store inside.

DSC02861DSC02765On each level the Pumphouse is a shared but chic living area showcasing a mesmerizing view of Lake St Clair, sparking like a diamond in the afternoon sun. The real highlight of the orientation is stepping into your room for the first time and resting your eyes upon that view: that spectacular view of Lake St Clair that will leave you wondering how you could ever drag yourself away to explore the surrounding area. The staff say any room will do if you’re in the market for a view (featured here is the top floor of the Pumphouse).


DSC02769The interior of the Pumphouse, designed by talented Cumulus Studio in Hobart, is a sight to behold. From the simple but rustic light fittings to the fantastic original pipes in the bathroom, you will be impressed by the superb attention to detail.




The room features a plush bed, TV, bathroom with a view, sweeping views of the lake and your very own larder stocked with local cheese, cured meats and a variety of Tasmanian delights. Take some time to snap some photos and spend a few hours doing absolutely nothing other than staring at that view and exploring the shores of the lake.



Photo Credit: Justin Springer

DSC03095The accommodation offers a unique dining experience for $50 per head that may, at first, deter the more introverted traveller. The shared dining experience gives you the chance to get to know your fellow Pumphouse (and Shorehouse) neighbours and you will dine side-by-side eating generous shared plates. This is perhaps the most controversial but enjoyable aspects of the accommodation – you will soon find that you are sitting next to someone with shared interests and a mutual love for Tasmania. Watch as the resident wombat, Zara, traipses past the window  and enjoy the view of the sun sinking over the lake. Don’t be scared of shared dining, it is truly a highlight of the experience and vegetarians are extremely well catered for.

After dinner or during the day, make the most of the unique honesty bar system on the first floor of the Pumphouse and Shorehouse, which allows you to sample some of the state’s finest wine and whisky – all you have to do is mark down your drinks and the total will be tallied on departure. After an intense day of exploring the beauty of Lake St Clair and surrounds, indulge in an afternoon by the fire, sipping a G&T and watching the lake dance before your eyes. Borrow the cheese board from your room and set up a picnic in the communal area  – no one will mind!



Photo Credit: Justin Springer

By night, make sure your curtains are fully open so you can wake up to the view of the lake ebbing and flowing with local birds soaring just outside your window. The breakfast spread, like dinner, is complimentary and served in the dining room in the Shorehouse. Enjoy mixed muesli, fresh bread and cheese, mouth-watering homemade baked beans and eggs. Each table has its own pot of leatherwood honey – a local Tassie specialty! Order yourself a freshly baked loaf of bread for lunch and then make your way back to the Pumphouse to simply sit, breathe and admire that wonderful view of Lake St Clair.

Pumphouse Point is a boutique accommodation experience like no other and is a must for anyone looking for a unique weekend away in my beautiful home state of Tasmania. A big thanks to Beck for making the experience one to remember and for showing me my first wombat! 

HOT TIP! Book in advance, this place has been booking out for months and availability over the weekend is limited until mid next year.






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